Bomarsund Open Water

Bomarsund Open Water 2019

Saturday August 10th

For the fourth time, the open water competition Bomarsund Open Water will be held in Bomarsund’s cultural historical landscape in the beautiful Åland archipelago (666R+WF Bomarsund, Åland Islands). We are proud to confirm that the competition will once again have the status of Finnish Championship in Open Water.

We have three courses this year: 3k, 1.5k and 300m in the beautiful and historic surroundings of Bomarsund, Åland. The 3k is a really good challenge where you swim around the small island of Slätskär, the 1.5k event is swam in a more sheltered setting. The 300m event is for newbies or youth with less swim experience.
The same day, some hours later the Bomarsund Trail Run will take place in the surroundings.

3k course around Slätskär, it’s swam counter-clockwise

1.5k course as below (swam counter-clockwise as well)

Competition classes and entry fees

The entry fee includes automatic timekeeping (chip), swim cap, medal and light snacks at the finish.

The following classes are open for swimmers of Finnish and foreign clubs (national license required) or not belonging to clubs (fun swims; no license)

  • 3km:

Competition class, Masters FC

women / men (35-49/50+), entry fee €40 until July 25th

Fun swim (timed swim only)

Teams competiton (3 persons, at least one male/female) entries accepted until July 25th, entry fee 10€

  • 1.5km:

Competition class

women / men, entry fee €30 until July 25th, late entries €50
youth (14-18 y), entry fee €20 until July 25th, late entries €30

Fun swim (timed swim only)
entry fee €30 until July 25th, late entries €50

  • 300m: Fun swim (timed swim only), entry fee €10

The classes below are only open to swimmers of Finnish clubs (with a valid Finnish license)

  • 3km: FC Competition class, entry fee €40 until July 25th
    women / men / girls (14-17) / boys (14-18)

FC = Finnish Championship

Preliminary time of start is 10:30am for all races. All swimmers start at the same time.

Make your entry at Swedish openwater entries website

Late entries can not be a part of the Finnish Nationals according to the Finnish rules.

In order to participate in the competition classes you need a national licens.
For participating in the Finnish nationals Junior and Senior classes you need a Finnish license. Swimmers of all nationalities are welcome to participate in the Masters classes of the Finnish Nationals, and Masters classes are 35-49 and 50+ only.

Make your entry fee payment to the bank account of Ålands Simförening: FI54 6601 0010 3002 91 (Ålandsbanken, BIC AABAFI22) in connection with the entries. Tag the payment with BOW2019 and your first and last names.

Ålands Simförening can unfortunately not refound any entry fees.

Competition rules

All events are held according to the FINA rules for Open Water. The start will be made as a mass start for both races (all classes). All competitiors are expected to wear their personal numbered swim cap provided in the envelope given from the competition office as well as the time keeping chip attached to the wrist.

The envelopes are available at the competiton location in Bomarsund at the day of the competition between 8 and 9:30 a.m.

Safety measures

Life savers will be present both in canoes and in SAR boats along the courses.

First aid assistants and a competition physician will be present in the competition area.

Please note that all swimming is done at one’s own risk and that all participants (competition or time-only) are supposed to have a valid insurance.

In the case of bad weather the competitions could be held at a different course, the organizers will inform the participants of this at the competition office on location.

Time keeping

The time keeping chip worn shall be worn at the left wrist. Chips should be returned after leaving the water. For non-returned or lost chips, the competitor will be charged €90


In the competition classes prizes are awarded to the first three near the competition office. All participants will get at memorabilia designed by the Åland glass artist Ritva Saloranta.


Results will be published here at the web site and at the clubs Facebook page.

Pre-race info:

Will be held in Finnish, Swedish and English at the start area 15 minutes before start of the race.

Bags and cloths

Bags and clothes can be left in a guarded area near the competition office during the race.

Toilets and shower

There are a few out-door toilets available in the surroundings. At the beach south of the main road is a dressing room. At the near by camping (Puttes Camping) there are warm showers available for a small fee.

Wet suit

Below 16 ̊C wet suits are mandatory, between 16-18°C suits are recommended, between 18-23°C are suits allowed. At water temperatures above 23°C neoprene wet suits are not allowed due to medical reasons.
Expected water temperature between 16-19° C (last years annual average 18°C)


Futher questions should be directed to Ålands Simförening at

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