Local competitions

Local competitions

We are holding local competitions almost once a month and we call them Månadstävling (Monthly competition). Their prime target is to getting beginners used to competitions. Their secondary use it to give the older swimmers some competition edge and to be role models for the young ones.

We also hold a competition every New Year’s Eve as a last chance of setting age group records. The competition is also a way for swimmers who have given up the career to get back to old friends and enjoy a friendly atmosphere. At these competitions there are some relays where the teams are a mix of old and young active swimmers, parents, coaches and other non-competitive swimmers that are quite fun to participate in or look at.

At all of these local competitions visitors are more than welcome, if you’re having a camp and want some race training or if you’re just visiting friends and relatives.

Upcoming local competitions

  • 25.6 2020 12:00 at Mariebad
  • 29.6 2020 10:00 at Mariebad
  • 21.6 2020 10:00 at Mariebad
  • 25.6 2020 10:00 at Mariebad
  • 16.6 2020 10:00 at Mariebad