Bomarsund Open Water Challenge, updated info

The race will be started at 10:30AM, pre-race info will be held 15 minuts before the start.

Both races will be started at the same time, with different angels to the start bridge. The 3km race will have its start line ahead of the 1,5km race

Competitors list is available at: Deltagarlista-BOWC-2017.pdf

Please note that the Finnish version of the invitation available att the Finnish Swimming Associations web pages wrongly states that wet suit is not allows. This information is however old and not valid in this years competition, FINA and Nordic rules states:

Below 16 ̊C a wet suit is mandatory, between 16 ̊C and 18 ̊C a wet suit is recommended, between 18 ̊C and 23 ̊C a wet suit is allowed. Above 23 ̊C is a wet suit not allowed due to health security.